Worcester Schubertiade

Intimate Classical, the Voices of Worcester

What is a Schubertiade?

During Schubert's lifetime, it was an intimate gathering of friends in a private home which featured Schubert's music, poetry readings, dance and other sociable pastimes.


Today, Worcester Schubertiade is Intimate Classical, The Voices of Worcester

Mission: To make accessible live performances of vocal and instrumental classical music in an intimate setting.
Vision: To cultivate a supply of, access to, and demand for the arts in Central Massachusetts.
Goals: To present professional vocal and instrumental chamber music for the community, to educate youth toward improved creativity and to create performance opportunities for professional musicians and aspiring students of music in Central Massachusetts and beyond.

A Member of the Worcester Cultural Coalition.

("Song Salon")
An excellent place to sing, drink and relax!!


Do you sing art songs in the shower?
Why not try it our with a group of like-minded music lovers?

If you are interested in joining our Liederstube,
let us know by contacting Kate Kasdorf at krkasdorf@gmail.com.

Our first Liederstube will take place this fall.


Liederstube originated by Eugenia Cheng