Worcester Schubertiade

Intimate Classical, the Voices of Worcester

What is a Schubertiade?

During Schubert's lifetime, it was an intimate gathering of friends in a private home which featured Schubert's music, poetry readings, dance and other sociable pastimes.


Today, Worcester Schubertiade is Intimate Classical, The Voices of Worcester

Mission: To make accessible live performances of vocal and instrumental classical music in an intimate setting.
Vision: To cultivate a supply of, access to, and demand for the arts in Central Massachusetts.
Goals: To present professional vocal and instrumental chamber music for the community, to educate youth toward improved creativity and to create performance opportunities for professional musicians and aspiring students of music in Central Massachusetts and beyond.

A Member of the Worcester Cultural Coalition.

Classical Idol Winners


* Denotes an offer to perform on the Wednesday, April 25, 2018 concert

High School
1. Kerrigan Bigelow*
Teacher: D'Anna Fortunato
2. Yimeng An*
Teacher: Angela Gooch
Honorable Mention
Blair Jia
Teacher: Matthew Anderson
Yuzhen Jin
Teacher: Teresa Winner Blume

1. Travis Benoit*
Teacher: Heidi Clark

High School
1. Joe MacDonald*
Teacher: Fudeko Takahashi
2. Ian Hsu*
Teachers: Soovin Kim & Robyn Bollinger
Honorable Mention
Frank Wang
Teacher: Ann Setzer

No Awards Offered

High School
1. Andrew Lefferts*
Teacher: Inna Muravnik
Honorable Mention
Zilin Dai
Teacher: Sarah Tocco

No Awards Offered


1st place - Zoe Devine
Encouragement Awards - Alexa Benack and Paul Jacob Connelly
Encouragement Award - Jack Krugman
1st place - Hailey Meng


Voice - Megan Cumming, soprano
Instrumental - William VanRenterghem, clarinet
Piano - Lazi Danga